Fulfilling the desire to conceive using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Approximately one in six couples worldwide suffer from an unfulfilled desire to have children. This constellation often leads to severe stress in the relationship and can also affect physical and mental health.

Maybe you have been trying for a while to get pregnant or are looking for a solution to you and your partner‘s inability to conceive. I specialise in offering advice and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy as a supportive treatment to couples who wish to have children. TCM is an appropriate method for the treatment of specific forms of infertility. In some cases, such as in vitro fertilisation, western medicine and TCM complement each other. And in other cases, as for example in cases of occlusion of the seminal duct or the falopian tube, solutions are provided by modern reproductive medicine.

The anamnesis for couples wishing to become parents, using TCM methods is very detailed and follows a holistic perspective. The examination focuses on the woman’s gynaecological complaints in connection with her fertility, such as particularities of the menstrual cycle as well as the man’s complaints or functional disorders. That aside, I also analyse the diet and lifestyle of both. The first anamnesis will last approximately one hour and is concluded with a pulse and tongue diagnosis. Subsequently, a diagnosis will be made and I will create your individual treatment plan. In many cases, TCM will use the whole spectrum of therapeutic possibilities: Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion all of which will play an integral role on your path to fulfill your desire to have children.

In order to obtain better results after consultation and coordinated therapy, I also work closely with practitioners of western medicine. A special consultation is offered every Thursday in the centre for fertility treatment, Fertisuisse in Olten, Switzerland. By all means you can also contact me during consultation hours at my clinic in Dornach. If you wish to do so, please make sure to bring available reports, test results and other documentation your doctor has provided you with, so that I can obtain a better overview of your situation thus far.

TCM is working well in case of the following gynaecological disorders:

  • • Ovarian cysts
  • • Endometriosis
  • • Uterus cicatrisation
  • • No menstruation (amenorrhoea)
  • • No ovulation
  • • High FSH level (follicle stimulating hormone follitropin)
  • • Hormonal disorder
  • • Immunological infertility
  • • Maternity from 35 years onwards
  • • Disorders of the luteal phase
  • • Unexplained infertility
  • • Repeated miscarriages

Therapeutic support during fertility treatment through TCM

Improvement of egg quality

Egg quality can be improved by using TCM therapies. In particular a longer lifespan of the egg improves the chance of successful fertilisation. The fact that egg quality is remarkably improved by TCM therapy is proven through the positive outcomes in artificial insemination (IVF or ICSI): In many cases of decreased egg quality, egg follicle maturation is scarce or the fertilised eggs do not continue to develop in spite of hormonal stimulation. On the other hand, after TCM therapy more eggs mature and more fertilised eggs continue in their development, both factors increasing the chances for successful fertilisation.

Improvement of blood circulation in the uterus

Indications have found that TCM increases the blood flow in the arteries of the ovaries and uterus while at the same time promotes the thickening of the uterine lining. Both factors lead to the uterus being more receptive for the transferred embryos. One reason is thought to be the decrease of the sympathetic nervous systems activity which can be induced by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. A prerequisite for successful in vitro fertilisation is an ideal endometrial receptive capacity at the time of the implantation. A higher blood flow to the arteries found in the uterus makes the women’s body more receptive for treatment.

Promotion of a regular menstrual cycle

TCM therapy helps to promote a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation. However, depending on the reasons for and the duration of the absence of the menstrual cycle and ovulation, the therapy may need some time to show results.

Promotion of general well-being

Experiences from medical praxis suggest that the relaxing and stress reducing effect of acupuncture increases the chance of successful fertility treatment.

Improvement of semen quality

In many cases - the exception being infertility - Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve sperm quality. On one hand, the therapy supports the creation of sperm cells, and on the other hand the man’s energetic balance is improved and his stress reduced, both having a positive effect on his procreative capacity. However, the maturation period of sperm takes more than two months, which is why measurable results of TCM in the spermiogram can be measured after three months at the earliest.

Preparation for artificial insemination

As studies have shown, TCM can lead to an improvement of the success rate as well as a healthy pregnancy if it is used before artificial insemination (Insemination, IVF or ICSI). This higher success rate is also based on the positive effect TCM therapy has on the uterus. In order to prepare patients I ideally recommend a three month treatment period, prior to the western medicine’s hormonal treatment. However, the duration of the treatment will also depend on the reasons for infertility.


Birth rates in reproductive medicine increase if western medicine and TCM are used in a complementary and supportive way, thus combining the strengths of both medical approaches.

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Fertisuisse - fertility treatment centre, male and female medicine

In the Fertisuisse centre for reproductive medicine in Olten, Switzerland, as well as specialising in both male and female medicine and fertility, a team of doctors will clarify the reasons that have lead to your inability to conceive and how they can be treated in a holistic and individual way.

Through close contact with the team of doctors at Fertisuisse and the integration of western medicine examinations prior to and during the TCM treatment, the efficiency of the therapies is greatly improved. This combination of care not only leads to a higher success rate in the treatment of gynaecological disorders, but has also shown to be very beneficial when treating the inability to conceive. I also take the time to prepare you for your specific reproductive medical treatment and help you to overcome any stress and fears which may arise during the process.