Treatments using TCM are based on the belief that diseases inside our body manifest themselves on the body’s exterior. This has led to therapies which manipulate the body’s exterior in order to treat its interior. Thus, each form of TCM therapy not only treats the symptoms, but their major causes at the same time. In order to do this, TCM uses the five following methods: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietetics, ‹Tuina› (massage therapy) and ‹Qi Gong› (movement therapy). In my clinic I use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, which are the two most important clinical methods of TCM. With these methods I support you on your way towards healing.

First Consultation

At our first meeting I will conduct a full assessment in order to develop an individualised therapy plan. I then take your pulse and analyse your tongue. From the very beginning, it is of utmost importance that you describe your symptoms in detail and how they manifest themselves. After approximately one hour, we will discuss a therapy plan. Together, we establish which method/s - e.g. acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine therapy - will be used and at which intervals they will be used.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the diagnosis is paramount to the treatment. The correct diagnosis leads to the right treatment. Within TCM, the following steps lead to the elaboration of a diagnosis:

1. Observation: A thorough observation of the tongue is an important diagnostic means. Details which are being observed are colour, form, wetness or dryness, flexibility of the tongue as well as color and type of coating.

2. Hearing and smell: Things to be detected are the intensity of the breath, the expression when talking and the sound of a cough, among others. The evaluation of smell also plays an important role.

3. Questions: Standard questions about the following aspects are asked: appetite, thirst, urine, bowl movements and gases, pain, sleep, sweating, energy and heat. For women, questions about the menstrual cycle, and if relevant, pregnancy and any birth complications are asked.

4. Touch: By feeling the pulse on the wrist it is possible to establish the state of the organs and the general energetic condition of a human being.

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