Praxis Info: Covid-19

Dear patients and friends,

these are definitely exceptional days. We are all called upon to make small and large decisions for the common good. With this message, we will explain in three steps how our work will continue in the following weeks.

1. We communicate primarily over the telephone

Do you have any symptoms and need treatment? Do you have any questions about current treatment?

We are regularly available via the telephone 41 (0)61 322 13 88, or via email:

For further questions to me, regarding treatment or continuation of the Chinese herbs therapy please consult

Für online appointments contact

2.  Acupuncture only in urgent cases

What does it mean? All therapies that require physical contact and can be postponed without serious consequences must be temporarily suspended. Urgent cases (e.g. neuralgia) can be treated under certain conditions.

3. we use alternatives

Many diseases, such as allergy, asthma, skin, inflammatory, intestinal or gynecological diseases can be effectively treated with natural remedies from Chinese pharmacology. We kindly remind you that we are also experts in this method. Let's stay vital, positive and fit!

We all wish to approach this time in a positive and constructive way. With the awareness that there is a chance in every situation. We are ready to accept the challenge of being close to you in any case.