Hay Fever

How can traditional chinese medicine (TCM) help overcome these symptoms?

From a Chinese medicine perspective when you suffer from hay fever, your energy isnt’t flowing smoothly and it shows a weakness of the Wei Qi (immune system).Traditional chinese medicine treats the symptoms as well as the root cause.

Before starting the treatment I issue a diagnosis and an individualized treatment. The best results succeed with TCM, if patients can be treated before the symptoms apper and strengthen the immune system preventively with acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy.

The most common form from allergic disease is the hay fever. About twenty percent of the population is affected.

Commonly hay fever occurs in the beginning of spring and summer time due to the high pollen levels in the air. It can be triggered easy by outside substances such as trees, flowers and grass. Sneezing, clear running nose, itchy throat and watery eyes are the most common symptoms.

After a preventive allergy treatment, the patients should optimally no longer feel any symptoms during the hay fever. In the acute stage, the tonic and restorative prescription is often replaced by a prescription which treat the symptoms of itching and irritation of the mucous membranes until the allergy has calmed down. Ear acupuncture as well is very efficient for the treatment of hay fever and other issues.